Sultan (film) By Ali Abbas Zafar – Eid 2016

Sultan Poster 2016
Sultan Poster 2016


Sultan Ali Khan ( Salman Khan), an ex-wrestling champion, lives in a small town of Haryana. He stays there all by himself and then one day, someone came searching for Sultan. Aakash Oberoi (Amit Sadh), the founder of a mixed martial arts league, who wants to hire an Indian wrestler to rescue their league’s popularity. He decided to visit Sultan in Haryana but Sultan refused. He told him that he had retired from wrestling. But who can stop an inspired mind, in search of an answer to Sultan’s rejection, he meets Sultan’s close friend Govind (Anant Sharma) and asks him about the story.

Sultan in Love

And A Sultan was Born..

It started eight years ago when Sultan fell in love with Aarfa Hussain (Anushka Sharma), a state-level wrestler and daughter of a local wrestling coach. and finally, after a lot of cold looks, she accepts him as a friend. But here Sultan thinks that she is his girlfriend and finds out that she wants to marry a wrestler like herself and he doesn’t even stand near that. Sultan has only one goal now and after a lot of training, he won a state-level wrestling tournament and of course, Aarfas heart. They got married and represented India in many international tournaments like the Commonwealth Games and the Asian Games.

Sultan in making

The wrestling in real life..

And finally, the day comes when they get the news. Both of them were announced as the finalists in Olympics Games. And then another news came with a bump, Aarfa was pregnant. She gave up her dream of winning a gold medal for India and sees her dream becoming a reality in Sultan instead. But his regular achievement makes him an arrogant person which comes as a surprise to Aarfa. And he left town to go win yet another wrestling tournament, even when Aarfa told him not to. He returns but his son died due to Anemia. The baby had the same blood type as his, a rare o negative. And in his absence, his couldn’t survive since he was the only one with identical blood type. Aarfa left him and stayed at her father’s.

And since that day, he has been raising money to open a blood bank in Haryana and living all by his lonesome

Aarfa left Sultan

And Sultan Today…

Aakash offered him that if he joined his league, he can finally open a blood back by the tournament’s prize money. Sultan accepts. And he comes to Delhi, all tired and unfit. He meets freestyle mixed martial arts coach Fateh Singh (Randeep Hooda). After two months of intense training, he gets his strength back and learns how to wrestle freestyle. Sultan defeats the opponents by using his own wrestling style. And soon he becomes a worldwide sensation by winning a series of matches. And he wins Aarfas heart once again.

Game Time

A matter of Passion and Love…

But during the semi-final round, he got severely injured and the doctors warns him not to fight. But he continued fighting thus suffering fatal injuries. Aarfa comes to the hospital and motivates him to continue fighting. The sun shines brightly once again and they stay together. Now they have opened a blood bank in Haryana and Aarfa is back in the wrestling. A few years later, she gives birth to a baby girl. Sultan starts to train his baby girl as a wrestler.

And the wrestling continues…

Sultan and Aarfa- HARYANA ki Shaan

“Jag Ghoomeya Thare Jesa Na Koi”……  This song has won millions of people’s hearts and continues to do so..