25 Wedding photos from various Indian states

These are the collection of traditional photos of different kinds of Indian marriages from various states and cultures

1 . Rajput Marriage | Uttarakhand

Uttarakhand Wedding

2. Shubho Drishti ! | West Bengal

West Bengal Wedding

3. Cute Couples from Andhra Pradesh

Andhra Wedding

4. Assamese wedding

Assamese Wedding

5. Bihari Bride !

Bihari Wedding

6. Beauty of Delhi wedding

Delhi Wedding

7. Goan Style !

Goa Wedding

8. Together forever | Haryana

Haryana wedding

9. Priceless Moment from Himachal Pradesh wedding

Himachal Wedding

10. Telugu Wedding | Hyderabad

Hyderabad Wedding

11. You are mine ! | Jharkhand

Jharkhand wedding

12. Karnataka wedding

Karnataka Wedding

13. Kashmiri Muslim Wedding

Kashmiri Wedding

14. Beginning of a new life from Guruvayur | Kerala Wedding

Kerala Wedding

15. Madhya Pradesh Wedding

Madhya Pradesh Wedding

16. Ceremony from Maharashtra

Maharashtra Wedding

17. Manipuri wedding

Manipuri wedding

18. On my hand ! | Meghalaya

Meghalaya wedding

19. Mizoram Couples

Mizoram wedding

20. Oriya Wedding

Orissa wedding

21. Punjabi Beauty

Punjabi wedding

22. Rajasthan Tradition

Rajasthan wedding

23. Tamil Nadu

Tamil Nadu Wedding

24. UP Wedding

Uttar Pradesh Wedding

25. Gujarati Wedding

Gujarati wedding