Best Wedding Dress Ideas For Kerala Groom

Here we have some ideas to make your special day little more special!!

1 . Casual White Kurta

Groom Dress Casual White Kurta

2. Kurta Pajama Style 

Groom Kurta Pajama Style

3. Be a Shehanshah in Sherwani 

Groom Shervani

4. Smart in Shirt

Groom Shirt and Mundu

5. Silk Kurta 

Groom Silk Jubba

6. Mr Perfect ! | Christian Groom in Suit

Groom Suit

7. Turban, inspired from North !

Groom Turban

8. Find your favourite colour

Groom Colour Shirt and Dhoti

9. Smart in Euro style

Groom Desi Euro

10. Simple and Traditional

Groom Dhoti only