Cute Images of Animals Dressed as Humans

A funny photo series by Barcelona-based photographer Yago Partal that arranges animal heads on fully-dressed human bodies and the clothes fit unbelievably well, take a look at the portraits

1 . Cute Hippo

Dressed Animals101

2. Arctic Wolf

Dressed Animals102

3. Doctor Panda !!

Dressed Animals103

4. Adorable Cub 

Dressed Animals104

5. The Ostrich

Dressed Animals105

6. Spanish Bull

Dressed Animals106

7. Warthog 

Dressed Animals107

8. Cheetah Beauty 

Dressed Animals108

9. Lamb the Cook

Dressed Animals109

10. Domestic Pigeon 

Dressed Animals110

11. Lion Like a Boss

Dressed Animals111

12. Black Panther

Dressed Animals112

13. Dingo

Dressed Animals113

14. Dolphin

Dressed Animals114

15. Horse

Dressed Animals115

16. Domestic Pig

Dressed Animals116