Liam Thomas Incredible Fielding After Losing His Artificial Leg

Liam Thomas Fielding Video

You don’t see sights of determination and human triumph over disability every day. But when it happens, it reassures your faith in human spirit and sportsmanship. What happened last day in the cricket field where the England disability team was playing Pakistan is beyond words. Liam Thomas was trying to save a boundary for his team. In the process, his prosthetic limp got detached from his body. Everybody would have expected an agony filled series of images of a physically handicapped at this point. But then, to everyone’s surprise and delight, Liam showed unparalleled sportsman spirit by limping on his other leg to save those valuable runs for his team. I have seen many people who look perfect externally, with all their organs functioning, but are crippled inisde, lacking the willpower or enthusiasm to push one’s limits. And yesterday, Liam came across as a double a man. Big salute. Respect.