Life Inside Kandapara Brothel | Bangladesh Red Street

Bangladesh is one of the few Muslim countries in the world where prostitution is legal. These photographs which are taken by Sandra Hoyn showing the tragic life inside a walled brothel. Most sex workers here are either born within the brothel walls or been trafficked. Kandapara Brothel is the 2nd largest brothel in Bangladesh. It is been known to have existed for the last 200 years. Sandra spent weeks in the area talking to the girls and customers to gain their confidence. Once the people got accustomed with Sandra, they let him take pictures. Even customers were not worried, except for those from the rich families. Most girls then asked Sandra to take their photographs than he going behind them to capture their photos.

Girls reach the brothel around the age of 12-15. Mostly they belong to some elderly madam and would have debts to pay off. Once the debt is paid off, these girls are no more in bondage. They can choose the customer they want to sleep with. Most have regular customers.

Here are some of the images from Sandra’s collection.

1 . Kajol with an old customer

Kandapara Brothel107

2. Customer tries to kiss priya

Kandapara Brothel108

3. The girl with two customers

Kandapara Brothel109

4. Pakhi and a Customer

Kandapara Brothel101

5. Twin babies of a sex worker

Kandapara Brothel102

6. Dipa, She carrying the baby of  a customer

Kandapara Brothel104

7. Bathing time

Kandapara Brothel105

8. Meghla with a customer

Kandapara Brothel106

9. Asma with a customer



source : cosmopolitan