43 Romantic Ideas to Make Your Pre Wedding Photos Incredible


A successful marriage requires falling in love many times, always with the same person.

Capturing the love between couples is a craze now. Exciting styles of capturing the romantic moments between the couples will make the wedding album interesting. Also, will make your friends little bit jealous 🙂



Add Bit Wilderness In Your Photos

Pre Wedding photography in bangalore



Or Show some naughty face




It Doesn’t matter. But turn back and Smile a Lot

smile a lot



Or don’t turn back. Let the photographer capture both of you looking into your future


Maybe you can go out on the beach. Be romantic. Propose her again.

beach pre wedding photo


Or hop on a boat and ride together towards your future

Indian wedding photographer



But be intimate. Use Architecture To Your Advantage

architecture pre wedding



Also, be intimate at night. Invite the dreamy night and starry sky to join you




Travel to a Foreign Location and recreate the moments




If not visit the eternal symbol of love. Propose in front of Taj Mahal




Go for a long walk without any purpose

long walk



Or run chasing your dream girl




Or sit with her in silence amidst the green nature




Then take a walk along the regular roads




Let your Legs tell the story




Also Your Hands

holding hands photography



Be Playful At times

playful wedding photography


And at other times enjoy the warmth. Be silent in sunset.




Make sure you have at least one black and white shot. Go artistic.

black and white pre wedding



Also a low angle photo




Pick a romantic Spot in your city




Then Make the photo peppy with a Scooty




If not scooty then make it more Desi, then try a Bullet

#kerala wedding photography crystalline studio (101)



And to be fully Desi, Try a Movie Wala Pose

desi style



You can either Step up and Dance

pre wedding dance photography indian



Or Be Musical. But be Filmy at least once

filmy wedding photos



Get to a Beach. Write your story on Sand.

writng on sand pre wedding indian photography



Go little wild on the beach.. Kiss her !!

kiss her pre-wedding photo



Once you have gone wild make sure you have a traditional photo to compensate it 🙂




And something in between wild and traditional. Walk Under an Umbrella In the Rain




If you can’t get rain, on demand. Then use the steps. Talk. Communicate.




Hold Her Tight. Keep her Close. Don’t let her go.




Start Practising. Lift her up 🙂




If you are not the lifting type, then Use Lighting and Angle to Your advantage



But whatever be your type, do dot to forget to have a Romantic Silhouette




And lean against a wall




Tell Secrets




Make Fun. Make Memories.




And most of the times memories are created by doing something different. So get on a bicycle and start riding.

wedding cycle photography



And Don’t be afraid to get Wet




And never forget that this is the start of a remarkable journey.