Happy Bhag Jaegi (2016) Romantic-comedy film

Happy Bhag Jaegi Poster 2016
Happy Bhag Jaegi Poster 2016

Happy Bhag Jaegi

Happy Bhag Jaegi…

Meet Harpreet (Diana Penty) “Happy” Kaur, today is her wedding day and she is trying to elope with her boyfriend, Guddu (Ali Fazal). Guddu is a musician and they are in love. And Happy jumped in the wrong truck and reached Lahore. The truck arrived at Bilal’s (Abhay Deol) home. Happy asks Bilal for help and wants to call Guddu. Bilal who is an upcoming politician refuses to help.

Happy Runs Away

Happy in Lahore…

Back at Happy’s home (Amritsar) Daman Singh Bagga (Jimmy Shergill) Kidnapped Guddu. Bagga thought Happy would show up.

Jimmy Shergill - Groom-to-be

Happy meets Bilal…

Happy creates a lot of drama with a police officer. He informed Bilal about everything. Bilal thought it was about time he sent her back home. He got annoyed with Happy. And she didn’t want to go back to her father. She knew her father would forcefully marry her off to Bagga. Happy blackmails Bilal about ruining his family’s image. She said she would go to the media and tell them that his family smuggled her from India.

Happy threatens Bilal

Zoya is not Happy…

Bilal dropped that plan and somehow got caught by his fiancé Zoya (Momal Sheikh). Zoya thought Bilal was cheating her. She tried to understand and trusted Happy. Now she suggested that the only solution would be to get Guddu here in Lahore and marry them. Happy and Guddu can go back home happily. It will be over for them. And Happy stayed at Bilal’s place. He finds it very hard to keep Happy, a runaway bride (Happy Bhag Jaegi), who always creates a scene, out of his father’s eyes.

Zoya confronts Bilal and Happy

Bilal has a plan…

Bilal goes to China for some work. He decided to go to India with ASP Afridi. He went to Bagga and told him about Guddu having a show in Lahore. Billal tempted him about Guudu being in Lahore and away from Happy. How he can easily get married to Happy. And Bagga got to know the truth anyway.

Chaos in LAHORE

Guys in Lahore..

Guddu comes to Lahore. Bagga didn’t stay behind either. He came with Happy’s father. Bilal’s father came home from his meetings being canceled. Here Happy got kidnapped by friends of Bagga. ASP Afridi arrested Bagga and one of his friends who kidnapped Happy. Bilal, Zoya, and Afridi search for Happy.



Bagga’s friends somehow get the news of his arrest. They went to search for Bagga. Happy and Bagga is free now.

Happy’s father got into some serious trouble. They thought he was an Indian spy.  They assumed he wanted to kill Bilal’s father. The whole of Lahore knew about her father by now. Bilal thought Happy’s father was behind his father. Happy’s father must have thought that Bilal’s father has been helping Happy and Guddu.

Happy marries Guddu

Happy ending for Happy…

Happy married Guddu. And Bagga is asking for the votes. He takes the credit for uniting two lovers.

Happy comes Home!