Ki and Ka (She and He) 2016 Romantic Drama film

Ki and Ka 2016 Poster
Ki and Ka 2016 Poster

Ki and Ka

A flight to Delhi…

Kia (Kareena Kapoor) is a successful business woman. She believes in independence not in just getting married and be a housewife. Kia meets Kabir (Arjun Kapoor) on her flight to Delhi from Chandigarh.  They started talking and Kabir told her about his mother. He wants to be a ‘house-husband’ just like her mother. Kabir is the son of a successful businessman. He tells Kia about having no interest in his father’s wealth. They kept meeting and fell in love. Ki and Ka decide to get married. Kabir would be handling the household and Kia would be working. They convinced their parents and got married in a court. Kia got promoted. It was a happy life.

Kabir & Kia Married

Ki and Ka Tie the Knot….

Their landlord has to sell the house they are living in. He had some financial problem. Ki and Ka don’t want to shift and decide to buy it. Kia alone couldn’t manage all of the needed money. Kabir started giving gym lessons to some ladies. And finally, Ki & Ka become successful in buying the house. Kia faces some not-so-good things about having a husband who manages the household.

Kabir at home

Falling apart….

It was in one interview of her successful career where she talks about her husband. And after hearing this interesting interview they invited Kabir for an interview. He tells how it doesn’t matter if a Ki (Girl) works and  Ka (Boy) handles the household. People found it very impressive. Kabir gave many more speeches and talked about Gender Equality. In between all these, he couldn’t manage the house well. Kia is angry and gets jealous of Kabir getting all the attention. She told him to stop using their relationship publicly.

Ki and Ka FIGHT

Expectations and Disappointments…

Kia has to leave for USA and Kabir doesn’t go with her. Kabir goes to his college reunion. There one of his friends asked him to give an interview and he said yes. Jaya Bachchan watches Kabir in one of his interviews. She wants to meet Kabir and asks Amitabh Bachchan to invite Kabir. Kabir visits them and she gives him a gift for Kia. Here, Kia’s mother (Swaroop Sampat) collapsed suffering a low blood pressure. She is in the hospital and Kia gets the news and rushes back to India.

Kia blames Kabir and they get into a big fight about everything. She accused him of using her to get famous without having to work. Kabir just listened and started packing to leave for Chandigarh. Kia opens up the gift given by Jaya and finds a letter in there.

Ki & Ka Back Together

Happy Ending…

The letter explains about their relationship. She says that it is brave for a man to choose managing the house. It is hard for a wife to have such a man. She said how lucky Ki and Ka were to have found each other. Kia’s mother tells her about the jealousy and attention. She realizes her mistake and gets on a plane to Chandigarh. She tells him how sorry she was. It is a happy ending.

High heels

In the end, Kabir’s father gets impressed by Kia’s work. He makes Kia the CEO of his company.